Training Plans / Coaching

The team at Sweat Elite have spent thousands of hours researching running training methods.

Based on this research, we offer 2 services to assist any runner reach their full potential at their next event.

But it’s not as simple as just writing a program. We need to learn more about your history before we can help…

1. Customised Training Plan – $49

Tired of blindly following a generic training program from a book or the internet? Wish you had something created, just for you, based on your requirements?

A Customised Training Plan might be for you.

Tell us when your race is, your specific training availability, the amount you can train every week and we will send you a customised training plan, with tips, diet advice and more.

The plan will be sent to you within 24 hours of ordering.

2. Personal Coaching – $99/month

Personal coaching is a big step up from a basic customised training plan.

With a Personal Coaching plan, you have someone holding you accountable – this is the key and what most people find incredibly motivating.

Your coach will check in with you after key workouts, be there to respond to any issues you may have with injuries or the training schedule itself and will be ready to adapt, if anything comes up.

You have unlimited communication with your personal coach, as well as unlimited feedback based on your training as you progress with the training program.


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