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Sweat Elite is a place where some of the world's best athletes share their training programs, routines and secrets.

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Eliud Kipchoge Training: A Typical Tuesday

 The Sweat Elite team spent the month of August 2017 training alongside Eliud Kipchoge and his training group, in the lead up to the Berlin Marathon (September 24) where Eliud Kipchoge will attempt to officially break the Marathon World Record. Eliud Kipchoge is the man who ran 2:00:25 at the Nike Sub2 Project in early May 2017.


Eliud Kipchoge Training – A Typical Tuesday

A Tuesday for Eliud Kipchoge involves a morning track workout and usually the afternoon off. Sometimes they’ll do a second run, this depends how they feel and if there is a major race approaching. AM (no set time): Track Workout at Eldoret Kaptagat is a tiny village located 30mins drive from Eldoret (a town of around 300k people). There is no track in Kaptagat; the closest track is at Eldoret and this is where Tuesday mornings workout takes place. Sometimes they’ll start at 6:10am, sometimes as late as 9:00am, but always in between.

The workout is completed on a dirt track. The surface of the track is basically like a standard trail in the forest; uneven and soft. I can assure you that if you saw the track they use on Tuesdays and you’re from any western country, you’d immediately appreciate your own track more.

The workout

A 10-15min jog warm up, no more. A few quick stretches and straight into it. They basically do 2 kinds of workouts on Tuesdays and cycle them in 2 week blocks:

          • 15km of Goal Marathon Pace work. 15km worth of intervals at right around their goal marathon pace (so 2:55/km for Eliud). This is actually a bit harder to do on dirt and altitude than on road at sea level, but of course that’s a part of the training. Example workouts:
            1. 15x1km (90sec rest) in average of 2:50-2:55. They might start closer to 3min and end closer to 2:50, but the average is normally between 2:50 and 2:55.
            2. 12x1200m (90sec rest) in average of 3:24-3:30.
            3. 5 sets of (2km, 1km) in 5:40-5:50 and 2:50-2:55.
          • 10-15km of Interval Work at a bit quicker than marathon pace. Sometimes at speeds more like 800m pace!
              1. 12x800m in 2:10s (90sec rest), 10x400m in 62s (90sec rest).
              2. 1200m in 3:25, jog lap, 5x1km in 2:55 (1.30 rec), jog lap, 3x300m in 42-40 (1:00 rec), jog lap, 2x200m in 27s (1:00 rec)
              3. 20x400m in 64-65sec (50sec rest)

          What was interesting to us about this workout, is that Eliud certainly wasn’t maxing in these workouts. He was pushing himself, but there was no hands on knees or no struggling in the final rep. It was as if he could always do a few more reps if he needed to.

        1. PM: Usually they’ll rest and not run at all in the afternoons on Tuesday, but sometimes when they’re preparing for a big race, they might run 10-12km in the afternoon, fairly easily for them (around 4:30-5:00/km average), so just a recovery jog.
      1. [This is an excerpt from the Eliud Kipchoge Edition – a 33 page e-book on the training on Eliud Kipchoge]

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