What is Sweat Elite Live?

Sweat Elite Live¬†comes in the form of an online database. It is accessible by logging into Sweat Elite, anytime. From time to time, we will update an athlete or coach¬†(add content) and if you have already purchased access, you will be able to access this new update free of charge. We will also email you with any updates so you are aware of them. By getting Sweat Elite Live, you’ll also automatically have access to the published editions.

How do you get your information?

The information sourced for this database has been researched thoroughly, some of it from the athlete/coach and some of it through researchers. The information gathered by research cannot be guaranteed as being 100% accurate, although to this date we have not been informed of any inaccuracy.

I’ve bought an edition but would like to get Live – what do I do?

Log in to your account, and go view the edition you have bought – there’s a discount code for Live! The access to Live will be added to your existing account.

I’ve purchased an edition or access to Live, what now?

-You should receive an email to the email address associated with your Paypal account with a registration link – follow this link to create your logins and enjoy the edition. It can take up anything from a minute to an hour depending on your email provider settings, so please bear with us. Depending on your email provider, sometimes it is possible that the email goes to your junk mail folder, so please check that as well if you have not received the email. If you for some reason cannot access your Paypal email, let us know and we can set up your account.

I can’t seem to access my edition even though I’ve purchased it and logged in?

-Occasionally some browsers need to have the browser cache cleared to access the content. If this does not work, please get in touch with us so that we can troubleshoot further.

I’ve purchased another edition – what about now?

-If you already have an account with us, new purchases will be added to your account automatically and there is no need to register again (as long as you used the same email when purchasing). If you have a new email, you will receive a registration link.


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