4. Renato Canova, coach for several world record holders and medalists across varied athletic events, likes his athletes to continue with a strong pace even during the ‘off’ period during a fartlek run. He uses some basic combinations of 1/1 (one minute hard, one minute easy) or 2/1 especially in the build-up phases of training. For example, during the build-up phase for Ronald Kwemoi in 2017, Canova programmed a one hour fartlek session for him: 20 x (1min on/1 min off) + 20 x (30s on/30s off).

5. Abel Kirui, a double world champion in the marathon and Canova’s athlete, completed a specific fartlek session in the build up to the 2012 Olympic Games: 27km continuous run consisting of 4 sets of 6km fast (marathon race pace) with 1km recovery (25-30s slower than marathon race pace).

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