Example #5: Interval Session: 2 x 3km, 2 x 2km, 2 x 1km with 1 minute recovery between reps and 2 minutes recovery between sets. Ideally the 3km reps are at just slower than 10km goal race pace, the 2km reps at 10km goal race and then 1km reps at just faster than 10km race pace.

Perhaps a more interesting interval session to complete for those not wanting to stare 5 x 2km, 10 x 1km or 12 x 800m reps at the same grinding pace in the face. However this workout is a a little longer in duration than the others.

To be clear on the recovery times, the interval session goes like this: 3km, 1 minute recovery, 3km, 2 minutes recovery, 2km, 1 minute recovery, 2km, 2 minutes recovery, 1km, 1 minute recovery, 1km. Finished!

As stated in the header, try to do the 3km reps at just slower than your goal 10km race pace, perhaps 5-10sec/km slower. Then hit the 2km reps at your goal 10km race pace and the 1km reps at 5-10sec/km faster than your 10km goal race pace. At the end of all of this, you may need a calculator to work out your average pace across all reps to work out your 10km prediction.

Let’s say that you feel that you can run 35:00 for 10km and you want to test your fitness. Your predicted 10km pace is 3:30/km. In this interval session, you would want to try to run the 3km reps in around 10:45-11:00, just slower than your 10km pace. The 2km reps should be in 7:00, right on your goal 10km pace and your 1km reps should be in 3:20-3:25, just quicker than your goal 10km pace. Whatever your total average pace here is, is your 10km predicted race pace.

Let’s say that you feel that you can run 31:00 for 10km. This is right around 3:05/km (this speed actually equates to 30:50, but for ease of use we’ll use this pace). Your 3km reps should be in around 9:30-9:40, your 2km reps in 6:10 and your 1km reps in 2:55-3:00.

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