1. 6 x 1000m with 90sec rest. Your average pace in these 6 1000m intervals is your 5000m pace.

Many top coaches have used this simple workout to indicate 5000m fitness, including Renato Canova. If you can manage to average the 6 1000m intervals in 3:00, this is 15:00 5000m pace. If you can manage to average the 6 1000m intervals in 3:20, this is 16:40 5000m pace.

12:47 5000m runner Sileshi Sihine apparently completed this workout in the lead up to his personal best time in 2:34 average which would predict a 12:50. 

2. 3 x 1 mile with 200m jog recovery (1min max). Your average pace is your 5000m pace.

This workout is used by many top USA D1 colleges to sharpen up for 3000m/5000m races. Quite straight forward workout of 3 x 1 mile with a recovery jog of 200m in no more than 1 minute (if you're a sub 20min 5km runner). The average pace you can run for these 3 x 1 mile intervals is right around your 5000m pace. Let's say you can average these mile repeats in 4:48, this is 15:00 5000m pace. 

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