(3) 2 to 5 x 1600/3200 Meter Compound Sets

Here is a marathon lactate threshold training compound set that you can do on the track or road. The track will make it easier to judge distance, but you really don’t need to hit exact distances with this one, so you could also estimate a 1 mile/2 mile sequence on the road.

Workout: Run 1600 meters or one mile at 10K pace and then slow to marathon pace for 3200 meters or 2 miles. Start with two set early in your cycle and gradually increase to 3 sets for an intermediate runner or 5 sets for a highly experienced runner. Recover with 3-5 minutes of rest between each compound set (3mins if you're experienced, 5mins if you're just getting started).

(4) 1/2/3 Mile Compound Set

This is a tough marathon lactate threshold run that will elevate your ability to run at race pace when fatigued.

Description: Start with 1 mile at 5K pace. Then slow to 10K pace for the next two miles before finishing this 6 mile training run with 3 miles at goal marathon pace. Start with one set. The truly adventurous could advance to two sets.

(5) Marathon Variety Run

I always like to run in different locations, especially during longer distance marathon training. Here is a workout that uses both the road and the track.

Workout: Start with 2 miles (3.2km) on the road at goal marathon pace. Then hit the track for 1 mile (1600m) at 10K pace. Head back out on the road for 2 more miles at goal marathon pace before heading back to the track for another mile at 10K pace. Next do another 2 miles at marathon pace on the road and then hit the track for 800 meters. Do the first 400 meters at 5K pace and the last 400 meters as fast as you can manage. Total distance in this workout is 8.5 miles.

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