More recently the controversial Taoufik Makhloufli ran an 800 metres in 1:44.5 (10 minutes recovery) followed by 500 metres in 65 seconds; 400 metres in 52 seconds and a 300 metres in 39 seconds the last three runs with a four minute recovery.

An alternative good session which we did however use to do was to run a 600 metres (78 seconds); 500 metres (63 secs); 400 metres (48 secs); 300 metres (34 secs); and a 200 metres (22 secs) with a good recovery.

Whatever you do, don’t shy away from these sessions.

A further great session is 3 x 2 x 300 metres with a jog 100 metres recovery and full recoveries between sets.

Aim to run the first repetition in each set at 36 seconds.

Similarly an incredibly tough session is 5 x 300 metres with a walk 100 metre recovery kicking off the first two repetitions in 37 seconds and thereafter holding on!

The world record holder David Rudisha liked to run a 400m/200m/400m/200m at his 800m goal pace with a 3 minute recovery. So if you’re aiming to run 1:44 then your aim should be 52/26/52/26 seconds.

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