By April/May he was well and truly ready to transition to racing season. During this time his week would consist of 2 track sessions on Tuesday’s and Friday’s and a 12-15 mile (18-24km) long run on Sunday’s, normally clipping along at 5:30-5:45/mile (3:25-3:40/km) which was comfortable for Webb. He also kept the gym sessions in his schedule.

Some of the mind blogging training sessions Webb completed in the spring of 2007, before embarking on his stellar track season are below.

4 x 1 mile
Times: 4:24 (2min rest), 4:20 (4mins rest), 4:13 (3mins rest), 4:03.
“I ran 4:03 and it was a surreal feeling. I went out in 59-high and I was like, Oh my gosh, I’m doing mile repeats and this is the fourth one? I ‘settled in’ and ran a 62 in the middle of this workout. I was like, This is insane…I don’t think I had ever cracked 4:10 in mile repeats.”

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