In this article, we’ll delve deep into a captivating conversation with Eric Floberg, a talented filmmaker, passionate runner, and dedicated father of four. Eric shares insights about his creative journey, his extraordinary achievements in running, and how he balances it all with a bustling family life. Let’s explore some highlights from the podcast. The full podcast is in the player below. 

Eric Floberg: A Visionary Storyteller

Eric Floberg is not just any filmmaker; he’s an artist with a unique ability to intersect creative storytelling with the world of running. Eric talks about the inspiration behind his work and how he has managed to build an impressive YouTube channel that showcases his journey. His compelling content is a blend of his passion for filmmaking and running, making him a standout figure in the YouTube running community.

> “It’s just really strange… like what I do. It’s an intersection that a lot of people don’t experience,” Eric comments, underscoring the unique path he has forged.”

The Birth of a Running Channel

As Eric’s YouTube channel began to grow, so did his desire to share his running journey with a broader audience. Initially, he tried to integrate running into his main channel, but he quickly realized that the audience’s interests were diverse. This led to the birth of his dedicated running channel, where he documented everything from training to race day experiences.

> “Well, let me just make a second channel and just, for fun, that’s what I love watching on YouTube,” Eric recalls.

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Rewards

Eric delves into the emotional and psychological challenges of sharing one’s journey online. He emphasizes the importance of staying rooted in a deeper purpose rather than chasing superficial success.

> “If you’re in it for the long time, you know that that can be an empty pursuit,” Eric wisely notes.

The rewards, however, outweigh the challenges. Messages from fans, moments of family legacy, and the thrill of storytelling keep Eric motivated and passionate about continuing to share his journey.

The Boston Marathon Experience

One of the most exciting parts of the podcast is Eric’s recounting of his recent Boston Marathon. Achieving a personal best of 2:38 on a challenging day was nothing short of remarkable. The energy of the crowd and the unique experience of racing Boston made it unforgettable for Eric.

> “Boston was, I don’t know, it was otherworldly,” Eric reflects on his experience.

He also shares how having a pacer completely transformed his race, allowing him to turn off his brain and just run.

Juggling Family Life and Running

Eric attributes a significant part of his ability to manage everything to his supportive and amazing wife. Homeschooling their children has added another layer to their busy lives, but it’s a choice that fits well with their family dynamics.

> “I can’t escape this conversation without talking about how incredible my wife is,” he proudly says.

Having a trustworthy employee also helps Eric maintain a balance between creating quality content and training for his next marathon.

What’s Next?

Eric hints at exciting future plans, including potentially running the Chicago Marathon again. His coach, Jeff Cunningham, is already formulating strategies to help Eric break into the low 2:30s range, a goal that seems thrillingly within reach.

> “I have someone in my DMs right now from Berlin track club who’s like, we can get you a bib to Berlin,” Eric shares, though he seems more inclined towards Chicago.


This podcast episode offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of Eric Floberg, a man who has successfully fused his creative passions with his athletic endeavors. Whether you’re a runner, a filmmaker, or simply someone looking for inspiration, Eric’s story is a testament to what can be achieved with dedication, creativity, and a supportive family.


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