But what does it take to win the Comrades Marathon a record number of nine times?

Inspired to take running more seriously after watching the 1976 Comrades marathon aired on TV, Fordyce’s voyage to victory started under the stars on the night of 18 June 1976, when he ran around his university rugby fields for a meagre 10 minutes. At the time, this was all he could manage. One can only guess that this is where his love for ‘consecutives’ began, because he ran again the next day, and the next…

Good genes, commitment, a solid training programme and career-long consistency are factors Fordyce attributes to his Comrades’ successes. It took Fordyce three years to grow his mileage from that initial 10 minute run to 160-190kms a week during peak season, and around 100-115 kms a week during his off season.

In his book titled: “The Marathon Runner’s Handbook”, a must read for all potential Comrades runners and ultramarathon runners, Fordyce breaks down the necessary training required for Comrades success as follows...

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