Jake Smith on Training with the World’s Best

Another major lesson from Jake’s time in Uganda was to drop the intensity of the recovery runs, and to prioritise recovery overall. During his time there he got caught up in wanting to explore the area and in addition to the ~180km he was running each week, he would also go out on long walks through the hills with his girlfriend Katie. He also went out and ran almost every afternoon, and only learnt at the end of his stay that the team he was training with would normally spend parts of most days napping and also skip the afternoon runs if they were feeling fatigued.

Sara Hall – Training Insights

Sara Hall – Training Insights Article by Tait Hearps Sara Hall is one of the top distance runners in the USA. In March 2020 she graciously sat down with Sweat Elite founder Matt Fox to discuss her journey in the sport, and this was followed by time spent filming...

Pat Tiernan – From Toowoomba to Tokyo

  Pat Tiernan – From Toowoomba to Tokyo Article by Tait Hearps After a recent PB of 60:55 at Houston Half Marathon, as well as an exciting move to Puma’s new elite team, Australian Olympian Pat Tiernan sat down with us to discuss his journey in athletics...

From Strength to Strength with Nell Rojas

Despite this, she never questioned whether or not she was going to make the start line, once she started the warm up she knew things would be fine. The race went out at a slow pace, prolonging the eccentric loading caused by the downhills for which Boston is renown. She ended up leading much of the first 17 miles and came through in a new personal best of 2:27:12.

British Olympian Marc Scott on training with Bowerman Track Club

    British Olympian Marc Scott on Training with Bowerman Track Club Article by Tait Hearps Marc Scott is a British Olympian who runs for Nike and Bowerman Track Club. His PBs include 13:05 for 5,000, 27:12 for 10,000 – a time which places him second on the...

A Glimpse into Life in a Kenyan Training Camp with Coach Peter Bii

  A Glimpse into Life in a Kenyan Training Camp with Coach Peter Bii Article by Tait Hearps Peter Bii, coach of the Asics Chojo Project in Iten, Kenya told us all about how his athletes live and train. He also gives us great insight into what life in the training...

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