4 x 1600m, with laps in 64, 64, 59, 64.
1600m goal time: 4:13, with the 3rd lap being well quicker than race pace.
Recovery: 1 lap jog (around 2mins)

Mottram would complete this session at St Mary’s college in Teddington and usually have 2 pacers, running with him to 800m (Fox usually did this) and 1200m (13:10 5000m runner from New Zealand, Adrian Blincoe was a name mentioned that helped a few times).

The times above were Mottram’s goal times and usually he could hit these times.

It’s a clever workout, instructed by MTC coach Nic Bideau, as the first 2 laps and the final lap are at around the pace the 5000m will be at the championships in the earlier to mid stages of the race: around 13:20 5000m pace.

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