Below are three of Eliud Kipchoge's toughest training sessions that he completes on the track in the lead up to a major race. Keep in mind that these sessions are done on a dirt track at 2000m (6500ft) elevation. World famous coach Renato Canova believes that in these conditions for the Kenyan born and raised athletes, repetitions are around 5 seconds slower per kilometre compared with doing the same session on a tartan track at sea-level. The altitude accounts for about 3 seconds per kilometre and the dirt track around 2 seconds per kilometre.

1. 15x1km (90sec rest), progressing in pace.

Kipchoge will start these 1km repetitions between 2:55 and 3:00 and slowly build his pace up to finish at around 2:42-2:45. On occasion, Kipchoge has finished his final repetition in 2:35-2:36, but normally it's closer to 2:42-2:45. He will normally average around 2:50-2:53 for the session.

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