Five sets of 2000m, walk 100m, jog 100m, 1000m, walk 100m jog 100m. Paces were set at 5:50 for the 200m and 2:50 for the 1000m. The group was split into two, based on speed. Eliud was paced by alternating runners for the first few reps; they substituted in and out, in order to keep up the pace.   After joining some of the earlier reps in the session I spoke with Coach Sang in depth, he willingly bestowed gems of wisdom in between taking splits and relaying results to an assistant who noted it all down. Coach Sang was amicable and friendly, however he said that he is known to be a harsh disciplinarian at times; he believes the respect of the athletes is of the upmost importance (behind volume, we’ll get to that).

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