A major chunk of running history and culture of which I was completely oblivious until last year was the dominance of Mexican athletes on the roads throughout the 1990s. On a run through a valley near Sululta, on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Knox Robinson regaled us with stories from that period: the athletes who were so dominant, their successes and their missteps. As well as what he experienced during his time spent there, learning from some of the most colourful characters in running.

One such character that kept popping up was German Silva.

Delving into some research on the topic, I was fascinated. A beautiful article in the New York Times depicted a committed group of elite athletes living in austerity and tackling some alarmingly tough conditions, training at altitudes well above what most elite runners would deem productive as they ascended into the crater of the 4680m volcano, Nevado de Toluca.

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