Training for the Half Marathon and want to know what your race pace should be?

Below you’ll find 4 Half Marathon race indicator workouts to estimate your Half Marathon performance. You should already have a vague idea as to what shape you’re in for the Half Marathon, but these workouts are good tests for you to complete in training to hopefully give you some confidence leading into race day.

Keep in mind that these workouts are just an estimate as to what shape you’re in. Don’t take them too seriously and remember that a real Half Marathon race is the true indication of your Half Marathon shape! These are just challenges you can complete in training and are excellent fitness boosters leading into a race, as they are very specific to the event of the Half Marathon.

All of these workouts (or close derivatives of them) have been used by professional runners leading into major Half Marathon races.

3 x 4km @ between 10km and Half Marathon pace, with 1km floating recovery about 10-15% slower.

This 14km (8.7mi) continuous run is a good indicator of Half Marathon shape and very similar sessions are used by many Kenyan and Ethiopian running squads. The pace that you can average for the 14km training run is right around the pace you should be able to race a Half Marathon at, given good conditions and fresh legs.

It’s three 4km repeats slightly slower than your 10km goal pace (with just 1 km recovery, but the key is to make the recovery brisk; about 10-15% slower than your repetition speed.

For someone aiming at a 1:10 Half Marathon (3:19/km or 5:20/mi), we assume a 10km personal best of around 31:30 which is 3:09/km. Your repetitions should be at around 3:15/km pace (4km in ≈13:00) and your 1km recoveries should be around 3:35-3:40/km.

For someone with a goal of a 1:15 Half Marathon (3:33/km, 5:43/mi): 4km reps @ ≈3:25/km and 1km recoveries @ ≈3:55-4:00/km.

For someone with a goal of a 1:20 Half Marathon (3:47/km, 6:05/mi): 4km reps @ ≈3:37/km and 1km recoveries @ ≈4:15-4:20/km.

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