In January we published an article about Jim’s training in the lead-up to his qualification for the US Olympic marathon trials, running a 64-minute half-marathon in Houston. The Flagstaff local posts all his training on Strava, consistently huge sessions that entertain and inspire his legions of followers. Again, we are going to take a look at some of his sessions leading up to a big event, however this time it is moving away from relatively faster events on the road and preparing for the gruelling ordeal of a 100-miler with around 5,000m vertical gain.

The following day (May 14th) Jim posted a similar run: Elden #2. Mount Elden is a peak outside of Flagstaff, rising about 2,400 feet from the already elevated city of Flagstaff, the peak sits at 2,834m. By the end of the training leading up to the WSER Jim ran up Elden twenty-six times. His training block post Project Carbon X was kicked off with six consecutive days up Elden, followed by a 32km run on rolling hills outside Flagstaff, and then by more Elden climbs.

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