Intensity – The majority of this volume is done at serious speed. 25km runs @ 3:10-3:15/km average, 35km long runs at 3:25-3:30/km average, aerobic runs every other morning of around 16-18km at 3:30-3:40/km and of course the interval sessions are even quicker again. Most afternoons will consist of an easy recovery run at 4:10-4:30/km which for Wanders is jogging. Keep in mind that the above speeds are done at 2400m (almost 8000ft) altitude on rolling hills.

Toughest Workout – Wanders’ toughest workout is a session he completes around once a fortnight. 22km of continuous running consisting of 3km at just under 9mins (3min/km or 4:45/mi) followed by 1km “recovery” in 3:20. He tends to run through the half marathon distance in around 1:04 in this session.

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