After discussing training with Wanders for over half an hour, it was clear it wasn’t just the move to Kenya that resulted in this steep improvement. He trains like an animal over there.

13 training sessions per week.

170-190km of running.

5 core stability sessions.

2-3 weight training sessions

2-3 massages

Countless hours on recovery

When asked what Wanders has changed in his training recently, he mentioned two things: increasing the volume of his interval sessions and increasing the duration of his “long tempo runs.”

The increase of volume in his interval sessions on the track from 8-10km worth of intervals to 12-14km worth of intervals is one change he’s recently made. An example Wanders shared:

2 x 3km in 8:45

5 x 1200m in 3:24

2 x 2 x 600m in 1:37-1:38

(2:30′ recovery)

The second difference was increasing the volume and intensity of his long runs, which Wanders calls “Long Tempo Runs” – a training sessions which Wanders believes is his bread and butter. Wanders alternates 25km and 35km runs each week, in which his 25km runs are a little quicker. Typically his 25km runs will start at 3:30km and finish with the final 5km at under 3min/km. His average speed on these runs are around 3:10-3:15/km which is absolutely flying if you factor in the high altitude (2300-2400m) and rolling hills around Iten. His 35km runs typically average out at 3:25-3:30/km and are also progressive in nature, starting at around 3:45/km and ending at around 3:10-3:15/km.

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