Brigid Kosgei trains in Kenya, a specific place called Kapsait, which is located more than 3000m above sea level. Her manager is Federico Rosa and she is coached by the former Kenyan runner Erick Kimaiyo. She stays in the Rosa training camp and trains with a big group of male and female runners. One of her training mates is Vivian Kiplagat, who won this years Milano marathon in a new course record of 2hours 22 minutes. The training of Brigid is characterised by long and hard runs. It’s stated that she does up to 50 times 400m repeats on a grass slope and once per week long runs of 40 up to 45 kilometres with around 4.00 min/km during her build up.

One of the craziest things in the lead up to the Peachtree roach race were 4 times 3km reps on a flat piece of road, near Kapsait at around 3.00 min/km pace. As well she does sometimes long, and hard tempo runs on a hilly tarmac route at 3000m altitude, for example an 18 kilometres tempo run in slightly under 60min. She rarely trains on track, and even to run on a flat road is more the exception, than regularity. Sometimes her training group drives towards Eldoret to do long tempo runs on a flat road. Only five weeks after her win at London marathon she did a track session, 9 times 1000m and started right away with 2.58 and finished the last one with 2.52.

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