Some people defy what we can conceive to be within the realm of possibility. Some manage to do it again and again.

A hero to many, one of the most accomplished and inspiring athletes in the world, a man with a beautiful message. Kilian Jornet has been an enigma since he took the world of mountain sports in the late 2000’s (I can’t just say mountain running because he also was winning world championships in ski mountaineering and taking on FKT expeditions).

After amassing a lifetime’s worth of accolades whilst still in his early twenties – having won all the races he ever dreamed of winning – Kilian moved onto some more out-there adventures. Embarking on a self-styled adventure project he called Summits of My Life, Kilian set out to establish FKTs ascending and descending some of the world’s most iconic mountains, including Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, Aconcagua, and culminating in a record-breaking summit of Everest. Kilian set the Everest FKT in 26 hours from base camp, with no oxygen or ropes, and battling gastroenteritis along the way. A mere six days later he repeated the performance, earning himself the Adventurer of the Year award from National Geographic (for the second time).

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