Eliud Kipchoge trains under Global Sports Management, a Dutch based management company. Global have a compound in Kaptagat where most of the athletes under management live. The few managed athletes that reside elsewhere tend to be the more successful athletes, such as Eliud, who can afford their own housing. These managed athletes have close relationships with coaches and are also sponsored without exception. There are staff in the compound who clean and cook, and the athletes have access to a physiotherapist.

Our principal reason for being in Kenya was to follow Eliud, and the Global squad, in the lead-up to his attempt at the world record in the Berlin Marathon. Despite seeing Eliud frequently in training, the majority of our contact with athletes in the Kaptagat area was with another group of athletes living near our accommodation in the Jobb Centre area. Many of these athletes are not under management and come to Kaptagat of their own accord, training with the managed groups in order to try to join their ranks.

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