Saturday Feb 16th
AM: Hills: 5x600m, 4x300m (Total: 15.6km including warm up/cool down)
Times: 1:45, 1:44, 1:44, 1:40, 1:40, 46, 45, 46, 46. Recovery: Jog back.

Sunday Feb 17th
AM: 1hr30min. 21.3km. Average Pace 4:14/km

[137km total for the last week]

Monday Feb 18th
AM: 1hr8min. 16km. Average Pace: 4:17/km
PM: Sprints/Drills + 15mins Jog

Tuesday Feb 19th
AM: Track Session. 4 sets of 1km, 600, 400. Recoveries: 60 seconds between reps, lap jog between sets. (1) 2:51, 1:38, 59 (2) 2:51, 1:38, 60 (3) 2:52, 1:37, 59 (4) 2:48, 1:35, 56.
(Total: 17.24km including warm up/cool down)
PM: 30mins. 6.82km. Average Pace: 4:22/km

Wednesday Feb 20th
AM: 1hr8min. 16km. Average Pace: 4:18/km.

Thursday Feb 21st
AM: Threshold: 2 laps of Albert Park. 29min36sec. 9.44km. Average Pace: 3:08/km (Total 17.5km including warm up/cool down.
PM: 30mins. 7km. Average Pace: 4:11/km

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