The Anaerobic Training Phase is the final phase in the Lydiard Training cycle leading up to the athletes first competition of the season. It can be divided into 4 sub-phases:

* VO2 max intervals
* Glycolytic (lactic) repetitions
* Peaking
* Freshening

By now:

* Your aerobic energy systems (blue) involving your slow-twitch fibres and cardiovascular system should have been developed to its maximum potential within the given timeframe;

* The work capacity of your fast-twitch fibres (both Types IIA and IIB) have been increased via hill work and fartlek work;

* You’ve also developed fine speed via leg-drills and short sub 10-second sprints throughout the year.

Given that the layers of the training pyramid have been built to the level of the anaerobic threshold, now it’s time to lay down the (red) icing on the cake: to increase the capacity and power of your anaerobic energy system. A trained athlete only requires 4-5 weeks to develop this system to its physiological maximum.

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