#4: Pace-Change Long Run: Variety in Pace Gets You Ready to Race. Athletes in championship marathons like the Olympics must practice changing their pace, because rarely are these events run at an even pace. There’s no reason why you can’t implement this idea into your training as you may face pace changes as well, that are caused by weather or terrain (hills). You can do this by alternating a faster-than-marathon-pace 2km with a slower-than-marathon-pace 2km. For example, if your goal marathon pace is 5:00/km, then a pace change long run should include 30km in total with 16km in the middle of the run alternating 2km at 4:45/km with 2km at 5:15/km. You don’t have to do 2km pace changes; it could be 1km or 3km or even longer. A common session famous Marathon coach Renato Canova has his athletes do is 6km+5km+4km+3km+2km+1km at slightly faster than goal Marathon pace with a 1km float recovery at slightly slower than goal Marathon pace. Be creative with this session. This is a very tough long run, but is great for marathoners who expect to need to “change gears” throughout the race due to tactics or terrain.

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