Matt had an in-depth conversation with the CEO and co-founder of Ketone IQ, Michael Brandt. Not only is Michael a 2:40 marathoner, but he’s also been instrumental in the growth of Ketone IQ, a leading company in the ketone supplement industry. This episode covers a wide range of topics, from Michael’s entrepreneurial journey to his marathon training tips and the exciting future for Ketone IQ. Here’s a detailed summary of their engaging conversation. The full podcast is available in the podcast player below. 

Michael Brandt: The Entrepreneur and Marathoner

Michael Brandt, the CEO and co-founder of Ketone IQ, joined us for an enlightening discussion. Michael, who co-founded the popular nutrition company with a vision in 2014, shared insights about his journey. Ketone IQ has grown to be one of the most prominent ketone companies in the world, supporting professional athletes and teams such as Cameron Wurf, Sam Laidlow, Sarah Hall, and Team Visma Lisa Bike over in Europe.

Starting Ketone IQ and Hitting Milestones

When asked about his motivation and journey from appearing on Shark Tank to starting Ketone IQ, Michael explained how the company, originally known as HVMN, adapted and grew after pitching products like Go Cubes on the show. Despite not closing a deal on Shark Tank, the company witnessed significant growth post-appearance.

Michael elaborated on the rebranding from HVMN to Ketone IQ and the focused mission behind this decision. The company’s emphasis on exogenous ketones has led them to wind down other products and direct all their efforts toward expanding the use of ketones in various fields.

Ketone IQ: Benefits and Uses

Matt spoke about the plethora of use cases for exogenous ketones, especially in marathon running and endurance sports. Michael addressed the various benefits, such as muscle protein resynthesis and glycogen reuptake, backed by studies from KU Leuven in Belgium. He elaborated on how ketones can assist in both performance and recovery, making them a versatile supplement for athletes.

Scientific Backing and Future Research

Michael shared plans for future studies involving ketones, including a collaboration with Team Visma Lisa Bike and ongoing research to understand ketone effects on serum EPO and angiogenesis. These studies aim to provide robust data to support the efficacy of ketones in enhancing athletic performance.

Michael’s Personal Protocol

Michael provided insights into his daily use of Ketone IQ. He typically consumes ketones first thing in the morning before running, often stacks them with carbs, electrolytes, caffeine, and has a post-run routine that includes ketones to stay sharp for his busy day. He appreciates the mental clarity that Ketone IQ affords, comparing its effects to a “low dose of Adderall” which aids in his multifaceted life as a CEO, athlete, and father.

Balancing Life and Marathon Goals

Matt and Michael discussed the challenges of balancing a demanding career with intensive marathon training. Michael emphasized the importance of focusing on what truly matters each day, accepting that perfect balance across all aspects of life is a fantasy. He advised aiming for balance over a longer time horizon rather than daily, allowing for flexibility and grace in managing priorities.

Training Insights and Running Techniques

Michael shared some fundamental tips and lessons on improving marathon performance. From the significance of running mechanics to optimizing cadence and relaxing while running, he underscored the impact of form on efficiency and speed. Techniques such as barefoot running once a week have helped him hone his form, making subtle but powerful adjustments for better performance.

Future Goals and Exciting Plans for Ketone IQ

Looking ahead, Michael has ambitious goals for further improving his marathon times, targeting a sub-2:36 marathon at the upcoming Grandma’s Marathon in June. He also expressed his desire to continue pushing boundaries, aiming to break into the 2:20s.

On the Ketone IQ front, exciting expansions and product launches are in the pipeline. Ketone IQ aims to broaden its reach beyond elite athletes to mainstream markets, with new flavors and formulations to cater to a wider audience, possibly appearing in popular retail chains.


This conversation with Michael Brandt provided a wealth of knowledge on both entrepreneurial success and athletic excellence. His journey with Ketone IQ and relentless pursuit of marathon improvement serves as a motivation for all aspiring athletes and entrepreneurs alike. Stay tuned for more such insightful episodes!


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