Some people defy what we can conceive to be within the realm of possibility. Some manage to do it again and again.

A hero to many, one of the most accomplished and inspiring athletes in the world, a man with a beautiful message. Kilian Jornet has been an enigma since he took the world of mountain sports in the late 2000’s (I can’t just say mountain running because he also was winning world championships in ski mountaineering and taking on FKT expeditions).

Having the opportunity to sit down with an idol was such a privilege, and Kilian did not disappoint. From his home in Norway, Kilian generously gave a few hours of his time to discuss his adventures, the training that powers these incredible feats, and what is driving him. Kilian is a long-time subscriber of Sweat Elite and he was happy to delve into the specifics of what his training looks like (more of that in Part 2). He is charming and beautifully expressive, with a humility that belies his jaw-dropping list of achievements.

This is Part 1 of the interview with Kilian Jornet. 

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