Nikki Johnstone has raced over 16 Marathons in 2019 and has averaged a time of well under 2:30. In addition, he has also raced numerous Half Marathons (average under 1:10), 10k’s and even a couple of Ultra Marathons.. Nikki Johnstone is a racing machine! 

Born in Scotland and now living in Germany, Nikki began running at the ripe old age of 28, completing his first couple of Marathons “as challenges” in 3:21 and 3:19. 

Little did he know at the time that he was lighting a flame that would ignite progressively over the coming years to see him run over 50 Marathons, over 100 Half Marathons, 10k’s and 5k’s and the occasional Ultra Marathon. As of September 2018, he also holds the World Record for the fastest Marathon dressed as Elvis Presley.

Nikki is a full time teacher, trains every day and races “most weekends.” He is the European Yuki Kawauchi (of course, before Yuki went pro).

In this episode, Sweat Elite Founder Matt Fox chats with Nikki about how he manages his racing load, what he does for training (which is quite unusual), his time spent teaching in Ethiopia, where he gets his motivation from… and much more.

You can find Nikki on Strava: Nikki Johnstone aka Elvis and Instagram: _nikkijohnstone_

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