This podcast episode features a conversation with Thomas Potzinger – assistant coach to Renato Canova. Renato Canova is one of the most successful elite distance running coaches in the world. He has coached more sub 2:05 male and sub 2:22 female marathoners than any other coach in the world. Thomas Potzinger (interviewee) has worked closely with Renato Canova in Kenya for many years and has learned the ins and out of his training philosophy. In this podcast episode we discuss Renato Canova’s training philosophy in detail.

Potzinger shares the story of how he met Canova, Canvoa’s training princples, the training of Sondre Moen (Norweigan 2:05 Marathoner coached by Canova), how short hill sprints can be beneficial for long distance runners, measuring data and more.

Articles mentioned in this podcast episode:

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Thomas Potzinger can be found on Instagram: @thomas_run_kenya

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