Brett Larner is the man behind Japan Running News – ” the world’s window into elite japanese distance running.”
In this podcast episode, Brett answers our questions:
Where did the Japanese reverence for long distance road racing come from?
What is Ekiden all about and how did the road running scene revolve around this event
What is it about the running system and infrastructure in Japan that produces so many high level athletes?
Why is there a relative lack of talent in the shorter distances?
Are the university athletes paid? Are their grades taken into account when selection is occurring? Ie. If their marks aren’t great will they be cut from the team?
How do the corporate teams operate? What kind of wages are the corporate athletes on?
What are the typical traits Japanese are associated with of discipline, honour etc, how much does this play into their success?

Japan Running News: http://japanrunningnews.blogspot.com/

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