Timo Limo is a professional Kenyan distance runner and coach – specialising in technique, strength work and core stability for runners. He is one of the most well respected Kenyan athletes/coaches in Iten and assists elite athletes such as Mary Kietany and Abel Kirui with strength work, core stability and technique. He’s also run some fast times over 800m through 10km.

Sweat Elite Founder Matt Fox is joined by British distance runner Bill Day – interviewing Timo Limo in this podcast episode, live from Iten (Kenya). Timo Limo speaks about:

– The benefits of growing up and living in Iten.
– The typical diet for a Kenyan athlete.
– His running training camps in Italy.
– His YouTube channel featuring many of his technique exercises.
– His point of view on why Kenyans are so dominant in distance running.
– The importance of technique and strength work for runners of all abilities (amateurs through to elites).
– The importance of listening to your body in training / being careful with GPS watches feeding data.
– The influence of european coaches (Colm O’Connell, Renato Canova) on Kenyan distance running.

Timo Limo can be found on Instagram: @timolimo800

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