Seb Coe won the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics in the 1500m by almost a full second and placed 2nd in the 800m in a quick 1:43:64. Here is his training diary in the 5 weeks leading up to the Olympic Games in 1984.

Tue 10 July: Fly 18 hours from England to Chicago; easy, yet steady PM run @6:00 to 6:30 per mile pace to get refreshed.

Wed 11 July: AM Tempo session to ease into faster pace and couple this with some speed endurance: 3×1600 m @4:40 pace, 3 min recovery, cool-down of two laps @90 sec pace followed by easy jogging.

Thu 12 July: AM easy recovery run of 6 miles; PM a tempo session to turn Wednesday’s AM tempo session into a continuous run: 3 miles in 14:30

Fri 13 July: Introduction to race pace, but not deeply anaerobic. after warm-up, 30×200 m @27/28 seconds; cool down of two laps @ 9-sec pace followed by easy jogging.

Sat 14 July: Lengthening the short-distance intervals and speed, but keeping good recovery: after warm-up, 2x(3×300 m) @39 sec, with 2 min recovery, 9 min between sets, cool-down of 2 laps @90-sec pace followed by easy jogging.

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