This is the third instalment of a six-part series which aims to summarise David Martin & Peter Coe's Multi-Tier Training System as described in Better Training for Distance Runners.
Recall from the previous article that the Multi-Tier Training System can be likened to the construction of a building. As the authors write:
"During one macrocycle (or complete training period, typically approximating one year) the building will be constructed (i.e. the training will be completed). Each level of the building represents a mesocycle (or tier), indicated by X. Thus, multi-tier training is a training plan with several mesocycles, or tiers, each of which has a different assigned goal for athletic development. The length of each mesocycle may vary depending on event requirements, athlete fitness, and the time available."
In this article, we will delve into the specifics of each of the mesocycles of the Multi-Tier Training System. As a refresher, the overall structure is shown below:

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