This article dives into another exciting episode of “Hang With,” where Matt chats with a professional athlete, coach, or notable figure in the sports world. This week, Matt had the pleasure of hanging out with Ireland’s 209 marathoner, Stephen Scullion. Below is a recap of the podcast with the full podcast available in the player below. 

A Journey with Stephen Scullion

Stephen Scullion is a name many of you in the running community are likely familiar with, especially if you’re a YouTube enthusiast. Over the past year, Stephen’s YouTube channel has seen phenomenal growth past 100,000 subscribers, and for good reason. His journey, insights, and candid reflections have captured the hearts of many. 

I’ve been an avid follower of Stephen’s YouTube channel for about a year, so it was particularly thrilling for me to chat with him about his recent experience at the London Marathon, his YouTube journey, and his take on training and mental health in athletics.

Reflecting on the London Marathon

About a month ago, Stephen ran the London Marathon, clocking in at 2:16—a time he found disappointing given his goal of qualifying for the Paris Olympic Games. Despite falling short, he handled the race exceptionally well, dealing with stress, nerves, and the eventual outcome with grace. Stephen discussed his reflections on the race, underscoring the immense psychological journey he’s been on.

Training Insights and YouTube Journey

Stephen and I delved deep into his training regime and his reflections on competing at a high level over the past eight years. An interesting part of our conversation focused on his YouTube journey. Stephen shared his motivations for starting his YouTube channel, initially to promote his running school. Over time, the channel evolved into a valuable platform where he provides training tips, shares personal struggles, and offers psychological insights that resonate with many runners.

A Glimpse into Stephen’s Approach

Stephen’s approach to training and life is fascinating. He shared stories about his various marathon build-ups, highlighting the contrast between meticulous training periods and more chaotic, seemingly haphazard times that paradoxically resulted in some of his best performances. For instance, the build-up to his 209 marathon was marked by a mix of disciplined training and spontaneous, intense efforts.

Impact of Mental Health and Vulnerability

A significant portion of our conversation turned to mental health. Stephen shared his experience with ADHD and the impact of psychological factors on his training and performance. His openness about mental health has been a cornerstone of his YouTube content, helping many athletes navigate their own psychological challenges.

Future Aspirations

Interestingly, Stephen also spoke about his potential future beyond competitive running. He emphasized his desire to help others through mental health initiatives and create platforms that foster community and support among runners. His aspiration to continue influencing the sport positively through coaching, and possibly even entrepreneurial ventures, was inspiring.


This conversation with Stephen Scullion was enlightening, offering a deep dive into the life of an elite marathoner who not only excels in running but also in connecting with others through candid storytelling and psychological support. His blend of vulnerability and strength resonates deeply within the running community.


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