The team here at Sweat Elite just spent the most unforgettable month training in Ethiopia, learning the ways of some of the world’s top athletes. Not only was the experience a great way to build fitness and be exposed to the training of these athletes, but it was also such a unique exposure to the culture in Ethiopia: a unique blend of ancient history, and burgeoning development, with assuredly some of the most hospitable people in the world.

Due to high demand, and lots of questions coming from the community, we have decided to put together a little bit of a how-to guide for training in Ethiopia.

Specifically, this article is aimed at people looking to train in Addis Ababa or Sululta, one of the more accessible training bases for the top athletes.

Reaching Sululta

Addis Ababa has become an African travel hub and can be reached easily from most large European and Asian hubs. Many of the top athletes who have a larger income choose to live in Addis Ababa and drive out to the training areas in their cars each day, however many still live in and around Sululta. Situated at 2800m Sululta is easily reached by taxi (or local mini busses although these are more difficult to coordinate, and taxis shouldn’t exceed US$20). The journey over the range from Addis International airport takes roughly forty minutes, the road is not in amazing condition and the drivers can be quite aggressive so prepare for a little adrenaline.

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