This article is about tempo running. What is a tempo run? How is it beneficial to me? What types of tempo runs can I do? We answer these questions in this article.

Here are some examples by elite athletes and coaches focusing on the marathon:

1. Lorraine Moller, a marathon specialist and an Olympic Games medalist. One of her key workouts was the 3 x 2 miles at a hard intensity (10 km pace) with a 2-mile jog back to the start as her rest interval. Moller always ran her workouts on the same course and used it during the base phase of her training.

2. Alan Culpepper, a two-time Olympian. He mentioned that tempo runs longer than 6 miles are necessary when preparing for a marathon. Culpepper ensured that his heart rate stayed at 165-166bpm over the required time.
Four different sessions of Culpepper’s are listed below:
3 x 10mins at half-marathon to marathon pace with 2:30 rest between intervals
4 x 8mins at half-marathon pace with 2:00 rest between intervals
2 x 20mins at half-marathon to marathon pace with 3:30 rest between intervals
2 x 3-miles at half-marathon pace with 4:00 rest between intervals

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