Peter Bromka was a guest on the Sweat Elite Podcast. Bromka is very popular for his blog about running and his presence in the running social media has been solidified for many years now. Below are highlights of the chat between Matt and Peter Bromka. You can listen to the conversation in the player below as well.

Meeting Peter Bromka

Many of you might already be familiar with Peter Bromka, especially if you’re from the United States and are part of the marathon community. I’ve been a fan of Peter since discovering his blog in 2018. His writing on marathon running is, in my opinion, some of the best on the internet. Peter’s website, Writing on Running, is a must-visit for anyone interested in running, not just marathons. His insights and experiences resonate deeply with many in the running community.

The 2020 Olympic Trials Journey

Peter Bromka is widely known for his attempts to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games Trials. In 2020, the Olympic Games standard for the marathon was sub-2:19:00, and Peter set out to achieve this time on multiple occasions. Despite running 2:19:00 in three separate attempts, he didn’t quite hit the qualifying mark of sub-2:19:00. Peter documented these experiences meticulously, capturing the attention and admiration of many.

The Boston Marathon and Beyond

Our conversation took place just a few weeks before the Boston Marathon. Although this podcast is airing post-marathon, we touched on various topics, including the Boston Marathon and Peter’s training methods and strategies.

In Conversation with Peter Bromka

Without further ado, let’s dive into the engaging conversation with one of the best writers on the internet, Peter Bromka.

[Matt]: Peter Bromka, welcome to the Sweat Elite podcast. We’re in person, I’m stoked to have you here. We met for the first time yesterday, but we connected probably over five years ago.

[Peter]: Yeah, time has flown by. It felt like we had known each other, but realized when we shook hands yesterday, it was the first time. I’m super happy to be here. I’ve been watching your journey, and like I complimented you yesterday, it’s been quite the diversification and global travel. It’s really cool. But for me, it’s always started with your love for the marathon. I was like, “Man, this guy really loves this thing that I also love, so let’s geek out about that.” I’m also a big fan of the stuff you guys are up to.

[Matt]: We geeked out for about two and a half hours yesterday and now we’re recording more geeking out. I appreciate the kind words. I’ve read most of your articles. You already probably know that. But I think the thing that I’d love to speak about today is your current project of writing a book. Can you tell us more about it?

[Peter]: Sure, I’m laid out a 10-chapter book to encapsulate my running journey and the experiences that have shaped my career. The goal is to provide stories that aren’t just about me but also resonate with others pursuing similar dreams. 

Reflections and Insights

Peter shared poignant reflections on the importance of training with friends, saying, “Find friends who love this game as much as you do, whose passion often outpaces your own. Build a running life with them, stack miles through mud, sleet, and rain together, because years from now, no one can know which one of you will still be healthy


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