The athletes gathered around and Mersha dealt out the workout: 2 x 3km, 3 x 2km, 5 x 1km. The group started the workout all together. Mersha oversees the training of a large group, with athletes racing distances from 5000m to the marathon. The 3km reps were both done in slightly over 9 minutes. An impressive pace given the 2700m altitude. Recovery between the reps was not specific however they generally had an active walk/jog recovery for 3-4 minutes. The 2km reps all completed in right around 6 minutes (the second in 5:54).

At this point the group split. 5,000m and 10,000m athletes did 12 laps striding through the straights and walking the bends. Yenew and two others started the 1km repetitions. who Mersha informed us that these three are currently preparing for the half-marathon. Pace in these reps remained around 3:00/km.

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