In 2016, 427 Kenyan runners achieved the Olympic qualifying criteria for the marathon.

The top rankings list of the 5,000m, 10,000m, Half Marathon and Marathon is over 75% African athletes and over 60% Kenyan runners.

Ever since the late 1990’s when the African’s began to dominate the distance running world, athletes from across the globe have asked “Why are the Kenyans so good?”

Thousands of runners have even ventured to Kenya themselves to join in with Kenyan running squads to observe how they train, what they eat and how they live to produce such fascinating results.

There have been several theories as to why the Kenyans have dominated distance running events. Ranging from advantageous genetics, to the perfect training environment (dirt, rolling hills at the ideal altitude) or their upbringing and lifestyle, the list goes on.

Of course the reality will be that the country’s athletic prowess can be attributed to a combination of all these reasons and more.

The focus of this article is on one especially interesting aspect of the Kenyan running puzzle, the diet of the Kenyan runners.

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